Blogcademy #1/2012 – PART ONE


The moment that Kat from Rock n Roll Bride announced a blogger workshop together with Gala & Nubby (whose blogs I’ve been following for years and years), I just knew I had to be there!
Not only was this the perfect excuse to go to NYC once again (my favourite city in the whole wide world!), this workshop came at the perfect time for me!

Let me explain this to you…
You see, I’ve been wanting to make this blog more than a photography blog for some time now, but I guess I never really got to it. This is why I’m super happy to have been able to join this epic 1st Blogcademy workshop, so I can finally take the steps that are needed to create what I’ve been planning for a long time. Let me tell you, it will be awesomesauce!

Hello Brooklyn!
As usual, I found a room through Airbnb. This time in Brooklyn and thank god, without bedbugs! #HOORAY! Not only was it super affordable, it was also close by the subway and only a 15-20 minute ride to Manhattan! Perrrrr-fect! #RECOMMENDED!
Lovely Lauren prepped everything for my arrival and I couldn’t have been happier with my bedroom. I’m not a huge cat-lover (crazy dog person, right here!), but I must admit that I DID enjoy my stay very much together with my two new furry friends. They were just too cute & friendly!

After a haircut by Kristin Jackson at Tomahawk Salon (it feels like I’ve been doing a blogger tour), some vintage shopping in Brooklyn, an energy healing session (thank you, Audrey!) and exploring the neighbourhood by myself, I was finally ready for the Blogcademy weekend!



This is how we do that shizz…
At first, I must confess I was kind of ‘starstruck’ the first time I saw these three. Ridiculous, right? It was SO strange to finally see these ladies in the flesh, after reading their stories & seeing their pictures for years on a computer screen – dorky me!
They looked fabulous and were exactly as I expected, if not better!

The things we’ve learned were very insightful and inspiring. It was also interesting to hear all their different stories, ideas and creative inputs about blogging/marketing, since they all have a different background.
As much as I’d like to get more into detail about this, I suggest you follow Blogcademy online and reserve a spot for the next workshop. You have to experience it yourself, it’s so worth it!

As you can see, also lovely Lisa Devlin (kickass photographer!) was at the party & learned us a few tips and tricks to pimp our photo’s the right way! I hope to meet her again soon on one of her Photography Farm workshops, whenever my budget allows me.

I’m so grateful to have met so many inspiring sweethearts this weekend and can’t wait to see how everybody will put all of this into practice.  I will keep following you all on your journey in the blogosphere and who knows… hopefully we’ll meet again soon in person as well. (I think we should already organize a reunion to look forward to!) I.LOVE.YOU!
Part two will follow later this week. More pictures, goodie bag swag, blogposts by the other Blogcademy graduates & other fabulousness coming up!