So, the summer passed by and before I even noticed, leaves started falling from the trees & autumn arrived.  Christmas is only a few more weeks away & it’s about time to start to fantasize about the outfit I’ll be wearing on New year’s eve. Not to mention the complete excitement/disgust (your choice) that comes along with the idea of all the family events I’ll have to attend during the holidays. How time flies and I didn’t even realize!

This is why, my dear friends, it’s time to reflect on everything and set new goals & priorities! (& yes, the new year didn’t even start yet!)
Last year I was complaining about the fact I didn’t have enough freelance jobs, this summer I was drowning in them. In fact, there were so many that I worked every spare moment I had. I even woke up at 5am in the morning for weeks (all grumpy), to get my work done. Not to mention the amount of junkfood I ate. That’s the kind of nutcase I am.
But while I was in my own little bubble, people (according to facebook) were grilling sausages on the barbecue while sipping cocktails. Women were giving birth (baby boom right here!) and tanned people were posting amazing pictures surfing crazy waves in Biarritz. While I… I was working. (okay okay, I admit. I did have a break or two!)

Anyway… this is the reason why I decided to try to balance my life more and not to forget to enjoy it as much as I can. Life is not only about work, earning big bucks (as if!) and accomplishments, where’s the joy? Take time to get out of the house, try new things, visit new places, meet new people, explore the unknown!
This is something I have to remind myself constantly, altho’ I love doing all of these things, I easily step into this trap time after time.



I’m changing. I just realized I’m ready for a new chapter in my life. I’m not getting younger, you see. Goodbye quarter lifer crisis (HELLO 3-0!). It’s time to embrace who I am, right here, right now!
Not only ‘I’ am undergoing changes, also this place – – will! I want it to evolve with me. It’s a piece of who I am and what I want people to see. It’s a place I want to share with YOU and hope you might get inspired, maybe even learn from my stupidity.

I’m a person that loves variety. I’m easily bored and I need to be constantly triggered, I don’t have a long attention span.  I love different things and projects and this is why I don’t ONLY want to commit to photography. When I overcommit, I tend to back away… and I don’t want to do that to something I love so dearly. Photography is a way for me to express my emotions, but while I’m constantly working for other people, trying to catch THEIR emotions, mine get lost along the way. This is why I want to take a step back & explore the ‘new me’ again, experiment some more and find the joy I had a few years ago. I wonder which images will pop up in the near future and I hope I’ll discover a whole new side to my work while I’m doing so. I hope you’ll enjoy this journey too!

So this is why you will see more new experimental work on this blog in the future. Not only that, you might also find some design work and I will blog on a regular basis about things that interest me. I want this blog to be my own little world of beauty and I’d like to share it with you. (After all, I didn’t follow the Blogcademy for nothing!)
I’m sure not all of you will agree with me. Most photographers like to keep it ‘professional’ and don’t like to make their blogs/websites too personal and that’s fine. I’ve tried it, didn’t work for me. I decided I needed CHANGE and I want to do whatever makes me happy. I’ve thought about splitting up my portfolio & my blog, but why the heck would I do that, while it’s all ME? (ohyeah… and my ego) I’m a huge blog reader, I’m a geek, I love indie rock bands and I drool over men in leather jackets. I’m clumsy as hell, I read self help books and I dream about a life in New York, I sing under the shower, cuddle my doggie like a mad woman and I’m a total control freak. I enjoy reality tv and even more Dr. Phil’s advice. That’s all who I am… nothing more, nothing less.
Luckily, the internet is a place you’re free to go wherever your like.

So this is it, time for CHANGE! Which changes are you making in your life?
(… Ohyeah, and I made you a mix tape to celebrate… Because I WANT TO!!! :) )