Shark Vacuum Reviews

The company behind the Shark vacuum cleaner is Euro-Pro. This company makes many different types of appliances and in fact did at one time make its own vacuum cleaner line but now they are sold under the Shark brand. Here is a look at the Shark vacuum cleaners and what customers are saying about them.

shark-vacuum-cleanersA lot of people may have seen some infomercials advertising Euro-Pro vacuum cleaners and for some that might indicate products that are less than durable. In fact Shark vacuum cleaners are not second rate and as well as being seen advertised there can also be found being sold by top retailers like Sears. Companies would not knowingly buy and sell products that were inferior, it would affect their reputation and their profits. They are considered among the best vacuum cleaners in the market. You can also buy Shark cleaners easily online and many companies that have physical stores also have websites that offer the same products. This means prices become more competitive and makes it possible for consumers to find some great deals. It also means it is easier to find spare parts when you need them.

shark-technologyMost consumers who have bought and used cleaners from Shark have said the suction power is good and that they perform well. Some models comes with HEPA filters, the best kind you can get and that makes them suitable for people with allergies. These filters are washable too so there is no need to have to buy replacement filters. You can also opt to get something bagless so you also do not have to remember to buy bags when the current one gets full. Some are aimed specifically at pet owners and some are cyclonic. You can also get different kinds of cleaners like canisters, hand held, industrial and uprights.

One of the other positive things about Shark vacuum cleaners is that they are usually less costly than many popular cleaner brands. This means they are great for people who are shopping on a budget, or perhaps they want a second cleaner for specific jobs and do not want to spend top brand prices.

Not everyone has praise for every Shark vacuum cleaner. The upright cleaner does better in reviews than the canister does. Bagless machines seem to have dust cups that are on the small side which means customers have to empty them more often. There have also been models that clog easily and some that over heat. The biggest problem though is probably that many who do have issues then have problems with Euro-Pro’s customer service.


If you are looking for a vacuum that is affordable, usually cleans well, but has less bells and whistles than a Shark vacuum cleaner may be something to consider. If you have money though, and want lots of features then the other top brands are more likely to have what you need.