LOVE THE WAY YOU LOOK IN 3 EASY STEPS – A guest post by Luke Havard

Unless you get surgery or live in the gym, the way you are aesthetically designed is the way you’re supposed to look. Learn to accept it in a positive way & decide that you will be grateful for the way your body looks and functions! Make a decision, that instead of wasting energy worrying or even hating certain aspects of body you will reinvest that energy in to the process of enjoying & experiencing life in all its fullness!



 The way you look is unique to you. It’s not a weakness; it’s your greatest strength! There’s no one else like you anywhere in the world & there never will be! Don’t compare yourself to anyone else, for two reasons; firstly, for every person that you feel inadequate next to there is someone else who would feel that way stood next to you! Seriously, as bad as you may think that you have got it, there is always someone worse off! Secondly the reason that people who are confident in their own skin are often very sought after people, is because genuine self-esteem and confidence is a very attractive quality. Those people have consciously tapped into the fact that their individual uniqueness is their most valuable selling point and they work it like a pro! The more that you relax in your own skin, the more others will warm to you as you relax.

 Another important aspect of self-esteem and confidence is to honor your body; treat your body as a temple. In essence what I’m saying, it’s important to train and look after your body as neglecting your body will lead to lack of energy, becoming over weight and even suffering from ill health. Looking after your body and training is good for you, unfortunately people can get this part completely out of balance. Instead of honoring the life that the body is designed to facilitate they start worshiping the idea of perfection. Their perfect body becomes their answer to happiness. But this doesn’t equate to more self-esteem or happiness, this actually makes people hyper sensitive to their own imperfections, no matter how small they be!

 Keeping healthy and training regularly whilst incorporating a balanced life style will certainly improve and maximize your physical potential as well as creating opportunity to socialize and meet new people, which are both positive aspects which help to improve self-esteem and confidence! Make an effort, not a masterpiece! When we take time to look and dress our best, eat a balanced diet, being mindful and deliberate about enhancing our personal appearance (without obsessing over it) we feel great because we have been intentional about looking our best. Looking our best is important, but remember it’s not the be all and end all of self-esteem and confidence it’s just a part of what makes us confident!



I can write about this subject with complete confidence and clarity because I have a great amount of experience in this area. My physical appearance is something that I struggled with for years, even becoming obsessed with training in the gym convinced that I was skinny, to the point that I was weighing in at 104 KG of muscle! Only years later have I truly learnt to accept & love my body. Whilst speaking to other men in the gym who are still struggling with the same hang ups in their 40’s, I know that this is a massive issue that impacts both men and women! Over the years I have really learnt to make the most of every area of my person & I’m learning about different facets I have all the time that I didn’t recognize as strengths before.

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To your success!



So, the summer passed by and before I even noticed, leaves started falling from the trees & autumn arrived.  Christmas is only a few more weeks away & it’s about time to start to fantasize about the outfit I’ll be wearing on New year’s eve. Not to mention the complete excitement/disgust (your choice) that comes along with the idea of all the family events I’ll have to attend during the holidays. How time flies and I didn’t even realize!

This is why, my dear friends, it’s time to reflect on everything and set new goals & priorities! (& yes, the new year didn’t even start yet!)
Last year I was complaining about the fact I didn’t have enough freelance jobs, this summer I was drowning in them. In fact, there were so many that I worked every spare moment I had. I even woke up at 5am in the morning for weeks (all grumpy), to get my work done. Not to mention the amount of junkfood I ate. That’s the kind of nutcase I am.
But while I was in my own little bubble, people (according to facebook) were grilling sausages on the barbecue while sipping cocktails. Women were giving birth (baby boom right here!) and tanned people were posting amazing pictures surfing crazy waves in Biarritz. While I… I was working. (okay okay, I admit. I did have a break or two!)

Anyway… this is the reason why I decided to try to balance my life more and not to forget to enjoy it as much as I can. Life is not only about work, earning big bucks (as if!) and accomplishments, where’s the joy? Take time to get out of the house, try new things, visit new places, meet new people, explore the unknown!
This is something I have to remind myself constantly, altho’ I love doing all of these things, I easily step into this trap time after time.



I’m changing. I just realized I’m ready for a new chapter in my life. I’m not getting younger, you see. Goodbye quarter lifer crisis (HELLO 3-0!). It’s time to embrace who I am, right here, right now!
Not only ‘I’ am undergoing changes, also this place – – will! I want it to evolve with me. It’s a piece of who I am and what I want people to see. It’s a place I want to share with YOU and hope you might get inspired, maybe even learn from my stupidity.

I’m a person that loves variety. I’m easily bored and I need to be constantly triggered, I don’t have a long attention span.  I love different things and projects and this is why I don’t ONLY want to commit to photography. When I overcommit, I tend to back away… and I don’t want to do that to something I love so dearly. Photography is a way for me to express my emotions, but while I’m constantly working for other people, trying to catch THEIR emotions, mine get lost along the way. This is why I want to take a step back & explore the ‘new me’ again, experiment some more and find the joy I had a few years ago. I wonder which images will pop up in the near future and I hope I’ll discover a whole new side to my work while I’m doing so. I hope you’ll enjoy this journey too!

So this is why you will see more new experimental work on this blog in the future. Not only that, you might also find some design work and I will blog on a regular basis about things that interest me. I want this blog to be my own little world of beauty and I’d like to share it with you. (After all, I didn’t follow the Blogcademy for nothing!)
I’m sure not all of you will agree with me. Most photographers like to keep it ‘professional’ and don’t like to make their blogs/websites too personal and that’s fine. I’ve tried it, didn’t work for me. I decided I needed CHANGE and I want to do whatever makes me happy. I’ve thought about splitting up my portfolio & my blog, but why the heck would I do that, while it’s all ME? (ohyeah… and my ego) I’m a huge blog reader, I’m a geek, I love indie rock bands and I drool over men in leather jackets. I’m clumsy as hell, I read self help books and I dream about a life in New York, I sing under the shower, cuddle my doggie like a mad woman and I’m a total control freak. I enjoy reality tv and even more Dr. Phil’s advice. That’s all who I am… nothing more, nothing less.
Luckily, the internet is a place you’re free to go wherever your like.

So this is it, time for CHANGE! Which changes are you making in your life?
(… Ohyeah, and I made you a mix tape to celebrate… Because I WANT TO!!! :) )

Blogcademy #1/2012 – PART ONE


The moment that Kat from Rock n Roll Bride announced a blogger workshop together with Gala & Nubby (whose blogs I’ve been following for years and years), I just knew I had to be there!
Not only was this the perfect excuse to go to NYC once again (my favourite city in the whole wide world!), this workshop came at the perfect time for me!

Let me explain this to you…
You see, I’ve been wanting to make this blog more than a photography blog for some time now, but I guess I never really got to it. This is why I’m super happy to have been able to join this epic 1st Blogcademy workshop, so I can finally take the steps that are needed to create what I’ve been planning for a long time. Let me tell you, it will be awesomesauce!

Hello Brooklyn!
As usual, I found a room through Airbnb. This time in Brooklyn and thank god, without bedbugs! #HOORAY! Not only was it super affordable, it was also close by the subway and only a 15-20 minute ride to Manhattan! Perrrrr-fect! #RECOMMENDED!
Lovely Lauren prepped everything for my arrival and I couldn’t have been happier with my bedroom. I’m not a huge cat-lover (crazy dog person, right here!), but I must admit that I DID enjoy my stay very much together with my two new furry friends. They were just too cute & friendly!

After a haircut by Kristin Jackson at Tomahawk Salon (it feels like I’ve been doing a blogger tour), some vintage shopping in Brooklyn, an energy healing session (thank you, Audrey!) and exploring the neighbourhood by myself, I was finally ready for the Blogcademy weekend!



This is how we do that shizz…
At first, I must confess I was kind of ‘starstruck’ the first time I saw these three. Ridiculous, right? It was SO strange to finally see these ladies in the flesh, after reading their stories & seeing their pictures for years on a computer screen – dorky me!
They looked fabulous and were exactly as I expected, if not better!

The things we’ve learned were very insightful and inspiring. It was also interesting to hear all their different stories, ideas and creative inputs about blogging/marketing, since they all have a different background.
As much as I’d like to get more into detail about this, I suggest you follow Blogcademy online and reserve a spot for the next workshop. You have to experience it yourself, it’s so worth it!

As you can see, also lovely Lisa Devlin (kickass photographer!) was at the party & learned us a few tips and tricks to pimp our photo’s the right way! I hope to meet her again soon on one of her Photography Farm workshops, whenever my budget allows me.

I’m so grateful to have met so many inspiring sweethearts this weekend and can’t wait to see how everybody will put all of this into practice.  I will keep following you all on your journey in the blogosphere and who knows… hopefully we’ll meet again soon in person as well. (I think we should already organize a reunion to look forward to!) I.LOVE.YOU!
Part two will follow later this week. More pictures, goodie bag swag, blogposts by the other Blogcademy graduates & other fabulousness coming up!


Top Tips For Freelance Photographers

As many of you know, some time ago I made the decision to go freelance with my photography. Being a freelance might sound great – being your own boss and working when you choose to – but it can be more difficult than you might imagine. With this in mind, here are a few tips for anyone else who is planning to go freelance.

One of the most important things to remember as a freelancer is that you will need to be disciplined. Working for yourself means that you won’t have the boss looking over your shoulder, but you’ll still need to put in the hours if you want to be successful. Following you dreams means a 100% dedication, at least, if you want to be successful.
It can often be easy to get distracted by facebook or games of cheeky bingo when working online, but this can mean that you won’t complete as much as you hoped. Why not set time aside to indulge in the pastimes which you enjoy, and focus on your work when you need to.

As a freelancer, you will also need to learn to manage your money carefully. If you’re unable to find work, then you won’t get paid, and some months are likely to be busier than others. Most freelancers soon learn not to blow their earnings as soon as they’re in the bank – you never know when work might dry up and you find you need to dip into your savings. (that’s how I’ve learned my lesson the hard way) You may also find that you need to think more carefully about the investments that you make. Your camera equipment won’t be provided for you, so you’ll need to consider what to invest in if you want to develop your freelancing business.

Have fun doing what you do! This is why you’ve started your business, right?
Experiment, try different things, find creative solutions.  Whatever you do, don’t forget the passion! It’s super important to reflect on your work and business once in a while and ask yourself how you’d like to take it from there. Are you still having fun? If not, shake things up a little and make it work!

Lastly, you will need to develop your contacts. Make sure you are always reliable, and impress those that you work for in order to ensure good recommendations. This can be key in establishing yourself as a freelancer.