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I’m Femke , a 20-something photographer, crazy dog lady & rehabilitating chocolat addict. Let me take you with me on my journey in life. On this blog you won’t only find my photography work, but you’ll also get a scoop into my personal life, my goals & dreams, my inspirations and so much more deliciousness. Welcome to my website, I hope you like it!

Me & my ego love you,



Me & my what?

Ego is a Latin word meaning “I”, cognate with the Greek “Εγώ (Ego)” meaning “I”, often used in English to mean the “self”, “identity” or other related concepts. – Wikipedia

In other words… Blogs are usually about ME, ME, ME & that’s why I’ve decided to name it like this. Nonetheless, can you smell the irony? Sweet clients & dear readers, this place belongs to you too… even more so! There’s nothing better than to make people happy and I’ll do anything in my power to do so.

A little history…

I’ve started picking up my dad’s camera when I was about seven. I still remember photographing my dolls, pets, brother, friends & parents on every occasion possible, with my father’s oldschool camera he received for his communion. He passed all his old camera’s on to me and my brother, noticing we had a really great time exploring the world through a lens. I kept on taking snaps here and there in my teens.

During my graphic design education at art school, teachers advised me to change course and study photography. I didn’t & I continued my graphic design classes, but my love for photography grew. After college I decided to study some more, got my teaching degree & expand my horizons!

After a job or two I figured I wanted more than a 9 to 5 and started freelancing & do what I love doing. I started to focus more and more on portrait- & wedding photography. And… that’s where we’re at right now.

As you can see, I love to experiment and that’s what I plan on doing in the future. What’s so fun about dull photography, while you can have blast exploring?

Fun Facts

I love sunflowers Spring’s my favorite season I need my regular girly time & chick flick fix to get by I like to give people a ‘friendly punch’ I’m a sucker for indie rock bands I’m still looking for the perfect pair of cowboy boots I honestly don’t care about the gear you’ve got, as long as the result’s good I like to blame things on my hormones I speak Flemish And English… some basic French, German & Spanish as well I still buy cd’s & vinyls for the artwork I work 3 days/week as a graphic designer at a glossy magazine I’m a computer geek, but can’t fix my computer when it’s broken I’m an emographer; I photograph emotions, not emo’s My Boston Terrier ‘Yoko’ is a victim of co-parenting; we love her so much, me & my parents have to share her I wish I could become a vegetarian, but I love my steak too much I used to play the drums, but I quit I wish I could play the guitar, but then again I know I would quit that too I sing a lot, my neighbours must hate me People laugh at/with my laughter… I guess it’s contagious Guilty pleasure: I love to watch reality tv and Dr. Phil I’m pretty shy & reserved, but with the right kind of people I might turn into an animal I’m addicted to tea I love pretty things, my bank account doesn’t so much I’m single & happy, kind of… London & New York make my heart pound faster Tokyo is number one on my wishlist I got an ugly tattoo when I was 18 Now I want another one… this time a pretty one Lots of my ‘clients’ become friends, that’s the way I roll My jewelry collection is dazzling & even expanding Don’t feed me Oreo’s, I won’t stop I discovered I actually like to dance Zumba I’m clumsy as hell, please forgive me… I’m born that way Although I love to sleep, I’m not very good at it There’s nothing better than walking in NYC, by yourself, during summer, with your ipod plugged in, soakin’ up the energy of the city & dream away.