Hello instagram lovers, you’ll love this giveaway! StickyGram turns your instagram photos into magnets I’m so happy to be giving away 2 sets of StickyGrams (18 instagram photos) to one lucky reader, to be notified on 1st june!

How do you like my fridge? I must tell you, I LO-LO-LOVE to watch it, since it’s covered with fragments of THE most happy moments of the past few years! :)
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I’m crazy about Folioalbums. I think it perfectly fits my photography and that’s why I choose to only work with them (for now). I really like how these quality albums feel and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way they’re wrapped with so much care, as they come in a beautiful cotton bag + box. Have a look at their website for all the details!

  • Album: Art White Paper
  • Size: 12 x 12 (30 x 30 cm)
  • Spreads: 24 (48 sides)
  • Cover: Contemporary Leather – Jade
  • Extra: Name debossing 
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20 things to do when you’re feeling uninspired.

It happens to most of us – creative people – once in a while. Writer’s block, Mr. Creativity who just walked out of the door, feeling so damn uninspired. Pressuring yourself to stay in front of your computer, is certainly not the way to go. I know it isn’t easy when you’re a computer nerd like me, but practice makes perfect.

Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.
- Edward de Bono

These 20 things might help you out when you’re feeling uninspired:
1. Pinterest exists for a reason, you know.
2. Check your collection of books & magazines, while sipping a cup of tea. I bet you haven’t looked at those in a while and some things just look better on paper. Did you actually see THAT? I bet you forgot about THAT book in the corner!
3. Do absolutely nothing at all, it’s great to be bored once in a while. Now this is something I have to work on myself…
4. Grab lunch with friends and have a chat about your daily musings.
5. STAY AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER, unplug & live life. At least, give it a go! There are so many more inspiring things than sitting in front of a computer screen all day long.
6. Clear your mind and go out for a run, or any other sports might do the trick.
7. Pamper yourself, you’re worth it. Get a massage or a facial, make your own hair mask, take a hot bath with lots and lots of bath foam! Instant energy boost coming your way!
8. Sex. Do I need to say more… really?
9. Watch a movie… heck, do a movie marathon together with your best friends. Pj’s allowed!
10. Get out of the house and do ‘fun stuff’. Seeing the same white walls all over again won’t give you new, fantastic ideas. Go to a gig, a cocktailbar or anything else you really enjoy.
11. Do something you’ve never done before. In fact, do a several things on your bucket list! This can go from pole dancing to embroidery classes to traveling around the world.
12. Check out your old sketchbook and schoolwork. Remember how free you used to be?
13. Meet new people, plenty of possibilities to do so. Let’s start with… ‘walk out of the door’… you can handle it from there!
14. Organize a brainstorm together with all your nerdy friends to come up with some ideas on how to enlarge your business empire.
15. Travel and get in touch with the locals, their culture and habits, visit the non-touristic places,…
16. In fact, jump into your car right now, call your most enthusiastic, crazy friend and go on a road trip. Cruuuiiiissssiiiin’!
17. Alcohol can be fun too, you know! (the hangover… not so much)
18. Enjoy an afternoon in the sun. Happy thoughts assured! (Don’t forget to protect your skin!)
19. Think about how you’d like to reinvent yourself and go on a shopping trip.
20. Have a party on your own, pour yourself a glass of wine and dance like there’s no tomorrow to tunes from ‘the old days’.
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Yes, it’s true! #I.LOVE.YOU!

Well, I guess the feeling’s mutual! Me & my ego got nominated for the ‘Weekend Blog Awards‘. (category: photography) Pfewwwwwww, what an honor. Let’s drink to that!

I have to be quite honest, I didn’t see that one coming… but I couldn’t be more excited tho’, so THANK YOU so much. I’m sure this will give me an extra push (I mean, HUGE kick in the ass) to blog like there’s no tomorrow! And that is why this is the perfect opportunity to ask YOU, lovely readers… what would YOU like to read/see on this blog? I’d be so thrilled to hear all of your crazy idea’s and suggestions, I do!

If you enjoy my posts, then feel free to give me a vote. You can vote until the 10th of may  on two blogs in each category. Just go to the website, click on ‘vote for this blog’ (stemmen), click ‘next’ (volgende) if you’d like to skip a category and keep on going until you reach the contact info page. Your vote is only legit after you’ve filled in that form.

Love me two times and share it with all your friends! So, what are you waiting for? 

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Hello Christina!

So on my birthday, my wonderful friend Christina came for a visit…

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