Dyson v8 Animal Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson v8 Animal Review

The Dyson V8 Animal has been specifically made to meet the needs of pet owners. Unlike the V8 Absolute, this is the V8 version for pet owners. As well as being cord free and extremely easy to use it is a powerful cleaner with great filtration and 40 minutes of cleaning time. However that Dyson power comes at a pretty high price, Dyson is one of the more expensive manufacturers on the market. So is the Dyson V8 Animal worth the higher price or would a cheaper cordless be just as effective?

Dyson V8 Animal

What you get with the Dyson V8 Animal

The V8 Animal is a step down from the V8 Absolute, the top of the line of the V8 cleaners. But it is a great improvement on the cheaper V6, the first of the models Dyson brought out that was cordless but powerful enough to rival main upright cleaners. The V8 comes with tools that make it east to clean up wherever it is needed and it has two powered heads giving you better suction for the pet hair that can be stubborn to lift. It has a comfortable pistol grip with an on/of switch that is placed like a trigger so you can easily turn it on and off when you want to. The batteries are placed around the wrist area to ensure it is a balanced vacuum cleaner to use with the motor above them and the dustcup at the front. That bin has a capacity of 0.54 liters so while it is not huge, it will not need to be emptied continuously.

Dyson V8 Animal cleaners come with two filters, the main goes in and out of the cyclone area at the top and the second that is post motor can be found at the back. The claims are together these trap particles as small as 3 microns. Both need to be cleaned now and then. There is a slider switch for maxing the power you get from it that is placed on the housing for the motor. Near that is a red catch that when pulled over the bin is how you empty the dustcup. The design means there is less chance of having problems with clumps of fur blocking sections of it. If you are also considering the V8 Absolute, consider checking this detailed comparison of the Animal and Absolute: Dyson v8 Animal vs v8 Absolute.

Using the V8 Animal

As mentioned this vacuum cleaner has great suction so even when you are using it in standard mode it lifts debris and pet hair well. It does not suffer from a lack of power like some other cordless cleaners. It is effective at cleaning especially on carpeted flooring on with the tools takes care of things like furnishings and stairs too. It is not that loud being about 75dB which is around the same noise level as a quiet corded upright.


When you switch to the Max power mode though you get a big change in power and suction but also the noise gets louder too at around 83 to 85 dB. It is a powerful suction with this mode, great for difficult areas and is stronger than many corded cleaners like this and also louder. With the Direct Drive floor head on carpets it cleans brilliantly in either mode. It should easily pick up powder or small particles with one pass and it reaches the edge close to the walls well on both sides. The powered brush bar on standard mode gives good cleaning and you get a longer run time. But if you need that extra cleaning power the Max mode is there and it does reach deeper. When cleaning the same carpet on the Max mode another 20% of dirt was collected.

The V8Animal is not as good on hard floors as carpets though it does clean them still. Without the Soft Roller Head you do not get as good a finish but it is still an adequate result. Spilled cereal can be picked up with one pass and with little flicking. The design of the cleaner with its open front and a plastic bar that is flexible means while Max mode is there if needed, in most cases standard is just fine.

Conclusion – is owning a Dyson V8 Animal worth the cost?

If you are not on a budget and you are a pet owner the Dyson V8 Animal is a great cordless vacuum cleaner is definitely worth buying. You get a great company that is innovative and a cleaner that performs at the top of the range with great power, suction and more versatility. If you are trying to decide between the V8 Animal and the V8 Absolute it comes down to whether you are a pet owner and how much hard flooring you have in the home. The Animal does an excellent job at what it was designed for, picking up pet hair along with other dirt and debris. The Absolute though has that Soft Roller head for those hard floors that just gives a slightly better finish.

Dyson DC59 Review

Taking a closer look at the Dyson DC59

If you are looking for one of the best cordless vacuums on the market today and budget is not a problem the Dyson DC59 is pretty hard to beat. At $500 you pay for that top performing technology but you get a cordless stick vacuum that can be used on your car and in your home for multiple jobs done with ease. The DC59 is a handheld and stick vacuum in one so you get the convenience of having two machines in one to take care of all the jobs using a top rate cleaning power.

Dyson DC59

The vacuum sits on a wall mount when not in use.  On that docking station is will charge and then be ready when it want it. When it is time to give the floors a clean just grab it, give the carpets a deep clean that other brands will be hard to match and move on to your hard floors and clean those too without any fuss. Then when you need a crevice tool remove the head and use the wand to take care of cobwebs, walls, dusty furnishings, ceilings and so on. Get into the crack of each stair easily making stairs a breeze to keep clean. Or use it on your car cleaning up the debris that accumulates there with ease. This machine will out perform even its closest top 5 rivals.

dyson dc59 accessories

Top aspects of the Dyson DC59

  1. Convertible handheld and easy handling – The ergonomic design and the fact it is well balanced means this feels better in the hands and easier to handle. Then when needed the wand can be detachable to become an easy to use and effective handheld vacuum. You really can get all the jobs done with the Dyson DC59.
  2. Excellent performance on carpet and hard flooring – There are two parts to the motorized brush as there were in the DC44 model. There are carbon fiber bristles and a rubber squeegee to ensure all the debris is gather and collected. With its wider measurements at almost 10 inches it can now pick up more in less passes. And it works just as well on hard flooring.
  3. Comes with a good combination of attachments and tools – In most cases competitors with cordless stick vacuums do not include many if any attachments or tools. But the Dyson DC59 comes with a brush tool, pet tool, combination nozzle and crevice tool to help with your cleaning with the added bonus that they actually can be stored on the docking station when not in use. You do not have to find a place to keep them!
  4. Trigger ensures power is not wasted – With most vacuums the machine turns on and stays on while cleaning. But the DC59 actually has a trigger which you hold down while cleaning to keep it on, but when you release the trigger, say because you need to move furniture, the power turns off so you save all of the power for actual cleaning time.
  5. Re-engineered battery for better performance – Compared to the DC44 the DC59 has 1.5 times the power thanks to the re-engineered Nickel Manganese Cobalt battery. You can get a good 20 minutes of high suction power cleaning, if you have the motorized brush roll on it is 16 minutes. If you need a boost in suction still you can get 6 minutes of higher power while in boost mode.
  6. Effective even on tough pet hair – Pet owners find this a very effective tool for their fight against pet hair. Not only does it come with an attachment to help it gets even the toughest hair and does not clog up the vacuum. Plus when needed it is not hard to clean.